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We’re proud to partner with The Kids’ Cancer Project in 2016. All funds raised from the 2016 Youth4Youth Challenge will be directed to their important work.



The Kids’ Cancer Project is the leading independent national charity dedicated to funding childhood cancer research. Thanks to community support more than $27 million has been invested.


They support research projects which will have the greatest impact on childhood cancer survival.




Because childhood cancer is the leading cause of death from disease in Australian children.


Four families each day hear the devastating news “Your child has cancer”*, unfortunately unlike adult cancer the causes of childhood cancer are unknown, so there is no way to prevent it from occurring. Research is vital to finding better treatments and ultimately a cure.


Research has improved survival rates however over 90% of survivors** face chronic health conditions as a result of the harsh and toxic treatments to cure their cancer.

Read about Alex aged 17 – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia survivor


The Kids’ Cancer Project is dedicated to finding and funding research that will:

- increase a child’s chance of survival

- improve the treatments to fight cancer

- Reduce or eradicate the potential long term effects children who survive cancer can develop.


Col Reynolds founded The Kids’ Cancer Project in 1993 once he learned research was the only way to help children with cancer. We believe every child is worth fighting for and each and every one of us can make a difference.


* Source: Reference: 20110 – 19 years incidence data. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) Australian Cancer Incidence and Mortality (ACIM) books. 2015 http://www.aihw.gov.au/acim-books/ . Accessed 12 August 2015. Visit www.canceraustralia.gov.au


**Source: Hudson, M.M. et al. (2013) 'Clinical Ascertainment of Health Outcomes Among Adults Treated for Childhood Cancer', JAMA, 309(22) (pp. 2,371-2,381).




By fundraising for the Youth4Youth Challenge you’ll be supporting kids who have survived their cancer treatment now facing one or more chronic medical conditions like Alex!


The Re-Engage Project  funded by The Kids’ Cancer Project is a patient-centred program for childhood cancer survivors.


Re-Engage offers young survivors who currently access no cancer follow up care a novel and low-burden intervention to identify their risk factors and improve their physical and emotional health.


The lead researcher is Associate Professor Claire Wakefield at the Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick


For more information about The Kids’ Cancer Project research projects click here.